For hundreds of years,  staple food of the inhabitants of Pratomagno and Casentino valley, the chestnut flour of pratomagno is a local product of ancient origins, dating back to more than five hundred years ago.

In a past time, walking through the alleys of the villages at the foot of the majestic Pratomagno, you could be charmed by the autumn scent of the drying chestnuts. Scent that became more dense and consistent among the water mills that were in the area of the Ciuffenna.

This flour is characterized by excellent organoleptic properties and a unique aroma due to the particular type of produce used, the particular method of cultivation and the process of drying with wood fire that makes these scents different from those obtained with the industrial drying.

This flour is unique because chestnuts undergo a second roasting : thanks to this process   not only are they drier and sweeter but also they take on a toasted aroma.

Also, thanks to a careful grinding, still today in the old mills, you get a flour of delicate consistency, almost impalpable, hazel colored and unmistakably sweet tasted.